Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Knock Your Kid’s Birthday Party Out of the Park With These Killer Ideas!

 When your child’s birthday comes around, as it does on the reg, it’s up to you to come up with a great idea to impress them and their friends, to show how much you love your child and show the whole town that your child really is the most special out there.
It’s hard to come up with new ideas each year, and unless Junior comes forward with a demand of having a He-Man themed party, the responsibility will fall on your. Have no fear, we are here with some fantastic ideas for ways to make your kid’s birthday party unparalleled with fun and excitement. Show them how much you love ‘em with these great ideas:

1. Prizes Upon Prizes

  The rush of receiving a prize is addictive (this is why gambling and scratch tickets are so popular) and why not use that to your advantage and give the kids what they want. No matter the activity that you have your kids and their friends set up with, you can always introduce prizes.
 And one of the most fun ways of doing that is with prize wheels, which come in all sizes and shapes and for cheap at http://thedisplayoutlet.com. What you can do is have a different triangle represent all sorts of different things and when the child spins the wheel, they collect the prize. You can come up with all sorts of fun reasons why a kid earns a spin. It’ll be fun for all.

2. Bobbing for Apps

What’s better than bobbing for fruit other than everything? Well, kids these days love their apps on their iPhones, so why not take bobbing for apples to the next level and have them bob for actual apps for their phone! How can you do that?
 Well, you do a standard bobbing for apples set up – a big bucket of water, a lot of low-quality apples tossed in there – but instead of the prize simply be a terrible and bitter apple, you can shove the names of apps on sticks and put them in where the stem is and then when they get the apple, they’ve earned that app. How exciting! Just make sure they wear protective goggles so they don’t gouge out their eyes.

3. Cocktail Wiener Eating Contest

  Now I know what you’re thinking: that’s gross! And it is, but they’re kids, and they’re gross and they love gross stuff. What would be more fun than a cocktail wiener eating contest! Go to CostCo and get a whole bunch of those really low-quality cocktail wieners and set up a table in one of the rooms.
You have all the contestants sit around the table and set a certain length of time and ready…. Set….. go! Watch all the kids stuff their faces with wieners and make sure to take lots of pictures, particularly when the cocktail wieners go in the ‘other direction!’ It’s fun for the whole party and the whole family so enjoy the best birthday party of all time!

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