Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We've Been The Victims Of Credit Card Fraud!

Son of a B#$@^!!! I didn't think it could happen to us. All the nice little safety precautions we take to protect our credit cards and credit account information. Several nights ago we received an automated message from my wife's bank that there has been some unusual activity on her account. We logged online to find that someone had made a $3,000 transaction several states away, earlier on in the day!

They also TRIED to use the card again for another $600 transaction, but the alert had already been made, so the credit company wanted the merchant to call in that purchase for identification. We were stunned, nervous, and pissed! Luckily everything was handled quickly and smoothly. We took care of the matter online and on the phone. That money was credited back onto our account, and closed immediately.

We then issued a fraud alert to all three credit bureaus over the phone. We don't really understand how it could've happened. My wife's card wasn't stolen, we haven't been on vacation out of state for a while, and we hadn't made any online purchases recently. A co-worker seems to think that the magnetic strip on the card had been taken with a recent purchase.

We just received the new card with a new account number in the mail. It's been sitting on our desk for a few days now without being touched or activated. I'm not one to say credit cards are evil, but they can be a pain in the ass sometimes...


Amber Yount said...

My mom had her credit card number stolen somehow when she was buying Christmas presents last year online. She couldn't remember what site she used, but the idiot who stole her info bought a Dell computer in California! Boy, did my Mom cuss out Dell. I mean, we live in TENNESSEE...did they not think that was suspicious? But she got her monies back, and I think they caught the guy...I cant remember though.

SingleGuyMoney said...

Sorry to hear this happen to you. Good thing you are on top of your finances or you could have been royally screwed.

David said...

Man that just sucks big time...I hope you get it all sorted out..

Anonymous said...

'Tis the season for this kind of stuff, alas... which leads to headaches for those of us who are on the law-abiding side. Frankly, I can't imagine how people are able to spend the holidays defrauding others - and look themselves in the mirror, anyway. Fortunately, there is some insurance that you can get your money back now, with the increased vigilance of the card companies and your own mindfulness. Good luck in getting this all situated!

Jack Payne said...

This sort of thing is becoming such common practice it's sickening, and worrisome. There are so many ways to clean you on your credit card, most of which eople, in general, have not thought of. I write extensively on con games of all kinds, and am constantly amazed at all the new ways the con artists can think of to come up with new scams, including, now, even fictitious credit cards.