Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We've Been The Victims Of Credit Card Fraud!

Son of a B#$@^!!! I didn't think it could happen to us. All the nice little safety precautions we take to protect our credit cards and credit account information. Several nights ago we received an automated message from my wife's bank that there has been some unusual activity on her account. We logged online to find that someone had made a $3,000 transaction several states away, earlier on in the day!

They also TRIED to use the card again for another $600 transaction, but the alert had already been made, so the credit company wanted the merchant to call in that purchase for identification. We were stunned, nervous, and pissed! Luckily everything was handled quickly and smoothly. We took care of the matter online and on the phone. That money was credited back onto our account, and closed immediately.

We then issued a fraud alert to all three credit bureaus over the phone. We don't really understand how it could've happened. My wife's card wasn't stolen, we haven't been on vacation out of state for a while, and we hadn't made any online purchases recently. A co-worker seems to think that the magnetic strip on the card had been taken with a recent purchase.

We just received the new card with a new account number in the mail. It's been sitting on our desk for a few days now without being touched or activated. I'm not one to say credit cards are evil, but they can be a pain in the ass sometimes...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

August Net Worth...

I'm baaaaaaack. Covered in baby spit up, and diaper ointment, I'm finally sitting down at the computer to run the numbers on our latest and greatest net worth as of August 3rd. The month turned out WAY better than I thought. Our net worth increased 3.09% or $4,941.59, for a grand total of $164,801.44. You can view the entire balance sheet for the year by clicking on the pic to the left.

I'm acting surprised because the wife was out for about 3 weeks on disability due to surgery, and going back to work 4 days a week as opposed to 5 because of the birth of our new son. I think working some overtime, being a little more frugal, and selling some ad space helped out for the month of July. Let's perform a brief review of the balance sheet. With our cash savings slowly increasing to a decent amount, we've recently been house browsing online. Not very happy with a lot of houses and prices we've been seeing, we've decided to wait a bit longer before we get serious at house hunting.

Looks like my 401k will be nearing the 20k milestone soon, I can't believe it's only been a few years since I opened it up. The ROTH IRA seems to be moving with the market which has been down as of late. The company pension plan is crawling along as usual. Our condo and personal property, which consists of jewelry, will always stay static unless we get professional appraisals. I don't feel good about putting my own price tag on things like that. With overall spending down, we've had lower credit card bills to deal with.

As usual, we continue to pay the set payment for any loans we have outstanding so we'll have more money to save for a house. And partly due to that, our emergency fund has increased to a plump 50k. Well, that's all to report for now. Everything has been good on the home front. The wife and baby are both happy and content. Climbing the financial ladder slowly but surely...