Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Net Worth Snapshot...

It's quiet...too quiet. This is the sound of the calm before the storm...the financial storm. I'm done paying last months bills, and haven't started paying this months yet. Thanks to the timing of a few financial helpers, this is another net worth record for us ($152,120.85).

This month our net worth has increased by 5.99%, for a dollar total of $8,601.65. You can view the blance sheet on the left, click to enlarge. There are a couple of transactions I made last month that stand out. I sold our I-bonds, and made a contribution towards our Roth IRA. I've had the bonds since Oct 05, and they've done pretty well since then, an appreciation of approximately 6.3%. I wanted to use the money for the roth contribution, and for an upcoming tax payment.

We did pretty well on the saving front due to a extra paycheck, auto insurance payment break, some overtime, and a record amount of blog advertising for the month. There was an interesting increase in my companies retirement plan for an unknown reason, almost $2,000. I'm not fully aware of how the plan works, so I can't explain it. My wife's 401 (k) still remains stagnant. She recently became eligible at her fairly new job, but they say they are making a transition to a new financial firm and they recommended she wait. It's been a little too long, so she plans on lighting a fire under a few peoples butts as soon as she's done with her maternity leave.

Thanks to not having to spend too much last month, our credit card bills have been lower than normal. As usual, all student, auto, and mortgage loans slowly being chipped away. Emergency reserve continues to grow, and is now around a healthy 42k. That's something like one year worth of expenses.

Unfortunately I don't have a positive outlook for next months net worth. Taxes, insurance, a baby, oh my!