Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Net Worth Snapshot...

Youch! This months net worth stung! Due to automobile value re-calculations, baby preparations, and the stock market "correction," we're up only 2.08% or $2,921.96 for the month of March. You can view the full balance sheet on the left for more data. (click to enlarge)

That's a record low increase for us since we've been calculating it for over a year now. But I suppose it's to be expected since it's been about a year since our last car value calculations. Because I slacked on re-evaluating at the end of the year, we took a hit of approximately $1,100.

Let's see, our cash savings increased approximately $2,200. That increase on top of the $1,400 immediate liabilities reduction brings our emergency reserve to healthy $37,665.33. For now, you're always going to see the obligatory large amount of savings, and a slight reduction in debt due to our goal of buying a house within this year, or possibly the next. Don't get the wrong idea, all bills are paid on time, and do not incur any finance charges.

My prediction for next months net worth is pretty positive. Most of the baby preparation is done, and knock on wood, I don't foresee any big bills on the way. Overall I suppose I should be happy about how our net worth has increased in the past year. By cutting the fat, becoming more frugal about life, and conservatively saving, we're climbing the financial ladder slowly, but surely!

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