Saturday, February 03, 2007

February Net Worth Snapshot...

Where has the time gone? February 7th will be our 1 year anniversary since I made my first post on this blog. Posting has been sporadic, but it's done a lot to help with our personal finances. It's been an interesting month, interesting as in doing lot's of spending and saving.

This month we managed to increase our net worth by 4.26% or $5,750.69 for a grand total of $140,597.24. You can view the balance sheet I use on the left (click to enlarge). The most surprising thing about this month is the amount of money we were able to bank, a little over $5,100.

Unfortunately some of that will be off set by the credit card debt we've racked up. Those expenses include new baby furniture, a wedding shower my wife is in charge of, and various household and auto expenses. Wait until next month when the new carpet we bought hits the books. We've been using the cards in place of cash in a lot of transactions. It's to build up points for various merchandise, and other cash rewards. They're paid every month, so no interest is incurred.

Slight increases in our retirement accounts, and things like house, auto and personal property will stay static until my next net worth calculation. We're slowly chiseling down the auto and students loans, and increasing our emergency reserve fund. Overall not a bad month, I'm quite surprised. Climbing the ladder, slowly but surely...

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