Sunday, February 04, 2007

2006 to 2007 Net Worth Compare...

I mentioned in my last post that February 7th would be one year since this blogs inception. That was also the first time I started to keep track of our net worth on a monthly basis. I whipped up a quick spred sheet to compare last years figures to this years. (click picture on left) The results have me feeling stuck in the middle.

We did well with saving our money and increasing our net worth, but there's a part of me that feels we could've done better. The first category on the list are our various savings accounts. We saw a 127% increase due to our goal of saving for a house.

It was a nice surprise to see that our bonds have increased by 5.74%, which won't be touched by the federal government. Our assets overall have increased by a little over 18%. Not much to say about the liabilities. Slowly chipping them away by 4.56%. We won't be working hard on getting rid of them until we actually get a house. Our net worth overall have a nice size increase of almost 56.5%. Not bad...

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Allen.H said...

Looks like 2006 was a pretty good year for you and your family, keep it up and keep us posted ;)