Sunday, December 17, 2006

Free Things Are Nice... the Motorola RAZR V3. My current two year Verizon contract expires in a couple of months, and to entice their customers to sign up for another two years, they're offering a discount of $100 off any upgraded phone of your choice. At the moment they're offering the razr for $99! I've desired this phone since it was HOT on the market two years back, and being sold for something like $400!

I guess it wasn't technically free since I re-signed for a two year contract, but I've used Verizon for about six years now with a good service record, so I would've re-signed with them anyway. In the past I've always paid a discounted price, but this time it's totally free, I paid $0.00 this time! I'll be sticking with my current plan of $34.99 per month, 300 mintues for prime time usage, and free nights and weekends. I also receive a 12% discount on top of that offered through the company I work for. It's nothing special, but the service is good and the plan seems to be cheaper than many of my friends cell phone plans, and all the plans offered by verizon now. I'm receiving some of my Christmas gift early...

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