Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If only I had a dollar for every name in this book...

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This complete baby naming resource includes more names and more helpful features than any other book on the market:

  • Over 100,000 baby names and their meanings, derivations and famous namesakes
  • 5,000 Hispanic names.
  • Icons to identify names used for both genders, and to indicate whether they're used evenly, more for boys, or more for girls.
  • Updated lists ranking the 100 most popular names for boys and girls in 2004
  • Top-hundred ranked names are starred in the main text of the book.
  • A new introductory chapter by Bruce Lansky: "How to Pick A Name for Your Baby"
  • 300 helpful lists of names to consider, including famous authors, actors, athletes, artists, scientists as well as lists of names that convey an image: attractive, smart, competent, friendly, wimpy, etc.

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