Saturday, June 03, 2006

June Net Worth Snapshot...

I think due to the timing of this net worth snapshot compared to last month, our net worth has increased by $3,261.71 (3.24%) for a grand total of $103,700.41. Not bad since the market has been down the past few weeks or so. Overall the retirement funds are down, but we gained a lot in cash, but that was somewhat of a wash due to the recent credit card debt surge (medical bills, a new computer, food, dining out, entertainment, etc.) I've kept our car values the same for the past five net worth snapshots, but plan on revaluating on every 6th net worth calculation (for my ego's sake). I only include jewelry in the personal property catagory since that seems to retain it's value so well. We finally finish paying off my car loan this month! That'll keep an extra $3,000 in our pockets every year, not including interest! Overall it was a surprisingly decent month. Slowly but surely...climbing the financial ladder!

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