Saturday, June 03, 2006

For all the "rate chasers" out there...

For anyone out there who's not familiar with a blog called Bank Deals, here's a brief introduction. The blog was started February of last year by... "a guy who enjoys searching for the latest banking deals and the best rates."

"The BankDeals site is intended to keep you updated on the latest deals and news with banks especially online banks. We'll let you know which banks have the best interest rates. Also, we'll let you know who offers the best signup offers.Opening an online savings account can be a little intimidating. So we'll help you learn from our experiences. We'll give you advice about what to look out for. Online banking is growing fast in popularity. It dramatically reduces costs for the banks and allows them to pass the savings to us in the form of better interest rates. It's definitely the future of banking. So if you have been hesitant to get started in online banking, keep reading this web log, and you'll build up confidence to get started."

It's one of my favorite blogs out there with a lot of great info. Every week he posts a summary on the current rates and deals. Check it out this week!

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