Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Best Online Broker...

Steven Goldberg and Jessica Anderson over @ examinded 11 firms that offer online services to find the best online brokers. They ranked them in several different catagories...

  • General ranking of the top 11
  • Lowest commissions and fees only
  • Best trade executions only
  • Lowest margin rate only
  • Highest interest paid on cash only
  • No-load fund offering only
  • Responsiveness and broker knowledge only
  • Best research offering only
  • Best Web site only
  • Best cost-basis data only
  • Best conduct only

It's a rather large article with a lot of great info. It's worth a read...

1 comment:

freedumb said...

Wow, pretty hard on Scottrade...being a relatively inactive trader, I like them...I've never had problems with customer service...I also like the fact that I can walk into an office...some of those others I've never heard of...I should check em out.