Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bill Tracking Systems...

I'm curious what people out there use to keep track of their bills. My method seems to be low tech, simple, but effective. I'm wondering if there's anything better out there that will help me keep better track of my bills. It's rare, but I've been known to miss a payment by a week or two. It's basically an excel spreadsheet with a list of my bills accross the top and bottom, the estimated time it would take for the payment to reach them, the days of the month along each side, along with paydays, and the weekends. Within the box would be the due dates of each bill and what the amount of the payment is. One of the nice things about it is having a soft copy on the computer and being able to produce a hard copy at anytime. I usually have a copy sitting at my desk, and check off any bills that were recently paid. It's all laid out in front of me on one document. I can transport it physically and electronically. I pay all my bills online through my bank. They offer automatic billing, where it can be set automatically, but I like move money out of checking into savings to make sure I'm getting interest on as much money as possible. It's a checking account that doesn't pay anything. but it's free. I also like the bank because they are open 7 days a week, open longer during the day than most banks, they are close to our home and work, and their service was voted the best in our state. So, what do you use to track bills?

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