Monday, March 06, 2006

Finance I.Q.

Ever wonder how well you know the world of finance? I was cuirious myself so I went looking for one of those interesting little tests online to find out. I came accross the "Finance I.Q. Test" It's a test that consists of 8 pages with 5 questions on each page. The range of questions is pretty decent, but it seemed to weigh more with the tougher questions in finance in my opinion. It has a nice easy question like... "Which term describes a company sponsored savings plan in which employees can invest part of their earnings in a retirement plan?" Up to something like "Which would be a typical use of LIBOR?" It took about 10 to find out that my knowledge is "Average" which they consider a "financial survior" Whatever that's supposed to mean...grumble. If you're interested in taking the quiz/test, you'll have to do the basic registration. There's no charge, it's free. Check it out and let me know what you think. Scorelogix Finance IQ Score Range 1-50: Poor (Financial Novice) 51-80: Below Average (Financial Struggler) 81-110: Average (Financial Survivor) 111-150: Above Average (Financial Star) 151-200: Superior (Financial Genius)


Matthew said...

I'm a financial genius! Funny, that's what I keep trying to tell people, but they just roll their eyes at me.

Good find.

Matthew @ Crazy Money

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