Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Emigrant Direct Savings Up To 4.50% APY!

Looks like Emigrant raised their rate for savings from 4.25% up to 4.50% today! The specs are still the same, no fees or minimums, it can be opened online, etc. They say no minimums, but it seems people in the pf blogging community have had some issues with that. In particular Cap over at "Stop Buying Crap" had an interesting story to tell about it. I noticed they also have a deals on CD's now, 5%. But they give you a choice from 18 months to 10 years, uh, 5% for a CD for 18 months doesn't seem so tempting to me, and I wouldn't even think about 10 years. This poses a small dilemma for me. Once ING's winter save up sale is through April 15th, where to put my money? Back in my Emigrant account, or open a new Virtual bank money market account @ 4.60% apy? Is .10% or approximately $25-$50 a year worth the hassel? Hm, maybe.

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