Friday, February 17, 2006

Financial Firsts...

Since the start of the "Reverse Carnival of money mistakes" has been going on, I've been curious about everyone's "financial firsts." I've never run accross any national stats on basic financial firsts, like when did you start receiving an allowance, if you didn't, how many did or didn't?. Or when was your first savings and checking account opened? When did you open your first credit card account, who taught you most about money? I can assume some of the major things were done when people became adults, but there are exceptions. A friend of mine didn't have a checking account until his late 20's, he had to use money orders until then. Another friend of mine in middle school (grade 7) had a credit card! I was proud when I opned my first savings account when I was 17. I'm curious what the financial firsts are of the people who frequent all of the finance blogs out there. If you are too, take the poll on the bottom of the page. When was your "financial first?" 04/15 Update: To make room for the next poll, and keep the polls active and ongoing (due to a low amount of votes) I've decided to store them here. Please vote!


Tiredbuthappy said...

First savings account: before I was aware of it. I think my grandmother put $25 in one for me when I was very little.

First allowance: don't remember. I was allowed to earn a few cents doing chores in the garden from the time I was five.

First checking account: At 17, when I moved into a college dorm and had to track my own expenses.

First credit card: At 18 I got an AmEx card because I'd heard that it was good to build up a good credit rating. I started paying it off each month then and have always kept to that practice.

First investment account: At 20, when I graduated from college. Opened a brokerage acct and a Roth.

First workplace retirement account: At 25

John said...

Those are some good financial first starts. Now I can see why you're doing so well now, and will succeed in the future.